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Hawthorne Glass was founded in 1987 by our father Robert Opsal, and has been family owned ever since.  We pride ourselves in our work ethic, commitment to service, and our customer relationships.  Since the beginning, Hawthorne Glass has always wanted to excel in its field, and our track record has shown that.  Consistently making our customers and homeowners worry free about our work, is what keeps us going strong in the industry.  We work hard to make sure a smile of satisfaction is shown from our handy work.  We are expanding at an exponential rate with a heavy presence on social media and word of mouth.


Over 20 years our team has grown immensely to meet the growing demand for residential and commercial contractors. We employ only the best engineers, designers, and specialists to ensure that each project is guaranteed the expertise it deserves. Over the years we have also developed a strong network of connections with other professionals in the field so there are no restrictions on what we can provide.


Each project is entered into as a partnership. Our number one concern is to deliver what you dream of, as long as it is structurally sound and safe. We will never dissuade you from what you desire simply because it is more work for us, and we are always happy to do the research needed to create something new and innovative.


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